Holder Benefits

We want to give our holders real benefits and possibility to learn, play and earn money from WEB2 and WEB3.
Our team is developing a business model where we do not depend only on NFTs or secondary sales. We are creating some WEB2 services that will allow us to make a revenue stream outside Crypto space and at the same time onboard more people into WEB3.
We want to create a mass adoption of our products, so we need to bring people that are not used to buy NFTs or any crypto asset. We need to remove friction to new people and educate them to onboard on WEB3.
Our first service will be renting our commercial offices to companies or people that want to rent a virtual office or make a meeting in our metaverse. You will not need a NFT or a crypto wallet to hire these services, only a credit card. A percentage of the renting revenue will be given to the rental pool where holders of office units leave their property for MyLand to manage it.
We are planning to have a rental pool on Store units too. If you own a store and you put it in the rental pool, you will have a percentage of the renting revenue and a royalty on sales.
Another benefit will be our in-game currency. Our token "MLM' will be used to buy digital assets in our Metaverse such as clothes, furniture, new layouts and products on our branded stores. Some brands will have IRL discounts that you can exchange with MLM token. We will encourage people to P2P exchange too, where you can hire a service or gift someone with MLM token.
Our holders will have activities to generate MLM, like interacting with the community and brands, learning about business and WEB3, engaging with games and helping others in our Metaverse.
Our marketplace will have an important role on MyLand. We will offer the possibility for holders to offer services like creating art, design, consultancy and WEB3 development. The proprietary software will allow these services to be easily manageable by contractors and service providers. You will be able to review and approve all services on it.

Overview of Benefits:

· Designed by internationally award-winning architects (FGMF)
· Developed by a real life company with decades of experience on 3D (Mint Studios)
· A Metaverse ready to be deployed
· Customizable Avatars
· Revenue from renting properties
· Games and quests
· In game currency E2A (Engage to Earn)
· Marketplace for products and services in WEB3
· Places for brands, companies, artists and influencers to engage on WEB3
· Discounts on real life products offered by partnered brands
· Optimized for a great range of computer hardware (easy to use)
· VR compatibility
More will be announced later!