MyLand Metaverse

A survey done by Statista in December 2021 indicates that over half of the respondents would join the metaverse for work possibilities such as virtual workspaces and networking. 48% stated art and live entertainment as the main reason to join the metaverse, and 44% stated investment into cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens.
In October 2021, Facebook announced that it had changed its company name to Meta. The company is changing from a social network company to a Metaverse company. Several companies including Microsoft, Roblox, and Epic are investing in their versions of the metaverse, supported by advancements in technology enablers such as 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), edge, and cloud computing.
MyLand is a virtual metaverse built for artists, creators, investors and businesses. Built at the intersection of culture and business, MyLand will be a hub for dealmakers, entertainers, builders, gamers, and creators, enabling them to interact with their colleagues and communities. By leveraging the latest 3D technologies, our talented team of architects, designers and 3D artists will deliver a best-in-class experience unparalleled to any other on the market.
Holders of MyLand will be able to sell services, properties, and goods in our marketplace. It is also possible to list your property for rent and enjoy curated experiences from partners and creators. Land owners can build their own home, run a business, or rent their land for passive rewards (Phase 2).

What is MyLand?

MyLand is a virtual world created by and tailored for real businesses. Our platform will offer companies tailored products and services through our marketplace, creating a tangible link between the metaverse and the physical world. Digital assets like furniture, decor, and apparel can be sold through the marketplace and unlocks the potential for these items to be sold in the real world. We will create a bridge between physical and digital worlds.
Companies and brands will be incentivized to build metaverse offices in MyLand where they can host virtual meetings, create presentations about their products or services, and organize workshops for people around the globe. Real estate companies can create virtual models of their real-world buildings inside MyLand, enabling their clients to visit and interact within these spaces.
Buyers of real-world developments that has a virtual copy on MyLand will receive its digital version as a NFT. MyLand will also be a place where users can monetize their art and designs by interacting with brands they like while building their life in the metaverse.
All information in this White Paper can change or be updated. Some features may not be constructed or guaranteed by MyLand team.
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