On MyLand, we take game design seriously in order to deliver fun and engaging experiences to the users.


Our team is developing something never done on WEB3, a high-quality game with low latency and smooth FPS. We will have servers all over the world to ensure that our holders will have the best experience ever.
Our game will support up to 200 players simultaneously in the same map, with different game styles like Death Match, Battle Royale, Capture the Flag and much more.
We are developing a AAA first person shooter (FPS) and the alpha version will be released soon. It’s a paintball game where you can play with your friends or have the game find a spot for you to join and play against other teams.
Our competition will distribute prizes and awards such as the MLM in-game coin and special assets for the best players and teams.
You will be able to play with your own MyLand Avatar or with any partnered 3D Avatar NFT that you hold. NFT collections will be able to create teams and compete against other collections. For example: An Alpacadabraz team will be able to compete against a CyberKongz team.
Artists and other Collections will be able to create special drops like skins and weapons for players and monetize on our game selling those as NFTs.
Our game is not meant only for NFT collections. Any group of individuals or companies can create a team. On another example: a Marketing agency that has an office in MyLand can create its own team and compete in one of our Business Leagues.