The technical development of the Genesis project of MyLand is managed by Mint Studios, a 3D visualization and Virtual Interactive company in Brazil with more than a thousand completed projects in their portfolio.

With more than 20 partners, Mint Studios has the capability and resources to bring Genesis to life. The Studio will develop all the creative content, including 3D renderings, animations, 360º tours, floorplans and much more.

Leonardo Bartz, the founder of Mint Studios is a Machine Learning Engineer, 3D artist and entrepreneur. He founded 6 companies in areas including 3D for real estate, game-development, animation, software, virtual marketplaces, among others. Leo started his career in 1997 and has filled two patents since then including one for Augmented Reality (AR) in Real Estate and one for 360º imaging that alters itself depending on the viewer preferences using artificial intelligence.

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