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Content Creation

While MyLand will provide the highest-quality 3D environment possible, our metaverse is nothing without the users who it is designed for. Our development program will provide wrap-around tools designed to assist users, whether individuals or companies, to create their own products and services inside MyLand. A team of curators and assistants will be working with users to develop their own projects, making it easy to create your own NFTs and virtual experiences.
At MyLand users will be able to build their own projects with their own designers and architects.
Creators can receive a certified “builder” role, given out to verified users and companies that have experience with Unity 3D and have proven they can build top-quality content compatible with the MyLand Metaverse.
MyLand will also deploy first-party NFT projects, starting with the Genesis collection. We will develop creative and innovative content including collaborations with the best designers, artists, and architects in the world.
Onboarding New Content Creators
We will have a program to incentivize new architects, designers, and artists in MyLand. We will host challenges where they will submit project proposals for one of the districts. A team of curators with experience in art, design, architecture, and technology will select one proposal to fund and the selected person will receive a percentage of the proceeds.
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