Brands Benefits

Brands will have an important role on MyLand. We will encourage users to interact and engage with brands through gamification. Our in game currency will be used to buy digital items and give discounts and coupons to real life products and services.

Our gamification initially consists of quests, missions and mini games. More will be developed later once we hear feedback from the users.

A major benefit for brands is that MyLand has incredible graphics and technology, so products will have a high quality in our metaverse. Clothes, furniture and accessories will look better in MyLand compared to any metaverse available at the moment in the market.

We want to bring big communities to MyLand and brands will have the opportunity to engage, sell products, and create special offers and experiences to these global communities. We believe that we need to provide real value to our holders outside the metaverse and build a reliable partnership with brands to help both the users and the brand's growth within Web3. MyLand Metaverse will be the channel for this while brands can also expand their consumer's reach.

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