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In MyLand Metaverse we want residents to have a social life that is an extension of their real-world engagements. Each property owner will define who will be able to visit their property and how they interact with the space.
Accessibility in Genesis will follow the status rules below:
Private: Only the owner can access these spaces.
Friends: Only friends in a list of the owners friends can access these spaces.
Collection: Only holders of selected NFT collections can access these spaces. For example, the owner of a unit may choose to give free access to their space to holders of "World of Woman".
Free access: Anyone can access these spaces.
Please note: There will be a limit in the number of users allowed in a unit at any given time. The rules for this will be available soon.

Display your NFTs

The owner of the property will be able to display NFTs as decoration in their residential units.


The property owner will be able to rent their unit for a specific amount of time. It is a way for non-holders to access and enjoy Genesis, and it's also a way to monetize and earn MyLand's token.